About Us:

T.M.G. S.R.L. is a family-run company, founded in 2008 as an expression of the continuity of Mr. Garbo's thirty-year experience gained as a product technician in the field of world leading companies in the field of carbide applied in the engineering field.
Specific skills combined with know-how and dedication allow T.M.G. to meet the needs of customers in the precision tooling business and to offer solutions to problems related to machining and to the new requirements of a constantly evolving market.
T.M.G. S.R.L. offers its customers an accurate PRE and POST-SALE service, with constantly updated technical staff and free technical advice.
The company is able to respond to the growing demand for multiple and specific needs thanks to the possibility of offering a wide range of standard products and, above all, a service of special solutions.
Through qualified personnel and in turn with decades of exprerience, T.M.G. S.R.L. is able to develop a project starting from design studies up to the final realization of special tools.
The mission of T.M.G. is to provide the best possible service.
Propose a range of products and solutions constantly updated and allow your projects to grow solid and winning, strengthening their performance over time.
T.M.G. has started his activity focusing on the experience of each of its employees.
For this reason, T.M.G. belives it is essential for its growth to train its staff in order to increase and improve our skills and at the same time to grow our customer portfolio and provide better support to our customers and their projects.